Our Program

Created to incentivize homeowners who invest in quality construction with our members, RIA has negotiated a 10% discount on homeowners insurance with Progressive Insurance and renews every year they live in their home.

They also have the option to Bundle and save up to 40% if they include Auto Insurance. We hope to add additional services for your customers to our program over time.

Benefits to the BUILDER

There are many elements that customers consider when selecting a builder - from price to product. We are confident that our members build a quality home and are offering the opportunity to add another attractive feature for customers to consider. Our Preferred Builder Program is an add-on to your existing program, with a quick and easy process, and no-cost to the builder, that can offer significant savings to your customer.

Free Add-On Service

This service adds right onto your existing program and comes at no cost to the builder.

Combined with the quick & streamlined application process, there is minimal effort required to join this unique program and offer significant savings to your customers.

Seamless Coverage

Homeowners Insurance combined with RWC Warranty coverage we can offer Seamless Coverage. With our Seamless Coverage, where homeowners can manage both their Warranty Coverage and Insurance Coverage under one roof.

They can expect quick, straightforward assistance when they need it. This is not just a plan; it's a promise of a simpler, more streamlined service.

Quick & Easy Process

Fill out the form below to get started. Once registered, we provide you with all the marketing materials you need.

Simply provide the documents when the customer signs their contract with you, and we take it from there. We work to fast track their quote and get the insurance in place asap.

Built-In Incentive Program

Helping your customers save on their insurance premiums while providing a hassle-free, combined coverage service adds yet another compelling reason to choose to build with you.

This can help differentiate your business in a crowded market, build customer loyalty, and enhance your reputation for going the extra mile.


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10% OFF


Homeowner will receive 10% off Homeowners Insurance on their new home.

This discount will continue year after year as long as they live in the home & renew their policy.



Save up to 30% on their Homeowners Premium


Save up to 10% on their Auto Insurance Premium


Get a Single Deductable Endorsement


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Trevor Goodling
Licensed P&C Agent


Contact Trevor with any questions.