Safety Checklist

Click the button below to access the online version of the Safety Checklist:

To download a fillable PDF version of the safety checklist, click the button below:

To view the PDF, you will need Adobe Acrobat reader. You will need to download the PDF, open Adobe Acrobat reader, and then use that to open the PDF. You can install Adobe Actobat reader using the link below:

Using the Safety Checklist, along with proof that that you have a formal LOSS CONTROL PROGRAM can SAVE you $$$$!

Up to 25% off your General Liability premium if you are a first time insured, or at your next renewal.

Don’t have a loss control program?  Click here to learn the 7 BASICS OF LOSS CONTROL and here to identify the 5 AREAS where you have the greatest risk, or call us at 866-454-2155.