Membership has its privileges?  Yeah, right! you may be thinking.   Advertising one-liners like that used to be called bromides.  Bromide:  A trite and unoriginal idea or remark, typically intended to soothe or placate.  Frankly, we want your business.  Like our competitors, we want to distinguish ourselves in your mind so that you will want to do business with us.  Doesn’t everyone do the same?  And yet, most people are suspicious of statements, or bromides, like the one used as the title for this blog.  And for good reason.  So, why use it?  Why lead with our chin?  Either this is some clever attempt at reverse psychology, or we really mean it.  Naturally, if we really mean it, we’ve got to back it up with some facts:

Warranty companies and general liability companies don’t usually like each other.  When they get a claim for some sort of construction defect, unless there is obvious damage to other property, or injury to anyone, the general liability company will try to argue no coverage because the claim is a warranty matter.  The warranty company will likely argue there is, in fact, some resulting damage, therefore, the loss should be covered under the general liability policy.  Sometimes, the debate can go on and on with the builder caught in the middle.  This classic argument CANNOT happen to members of the RWC Insurance Advantage.  That’s because we provide BOTH the warranty and the general liability.  Why argue with ourselves?  Apart from saving you time and frustration, it also saves you money.  Coverage disputes are costly.  By not having them, we reduce our cost of doing business and that means lower rates for you.  That’s a privilege of being a member.  For an example of this sticky situation, click here: .

Here are more privileges of membership:

  • Home builders are our only business.  We were founded by a builder.  Some of our members have been with us for decades.  We understand your business and we aren’t going to take you for granted.
  • Since only RWC members can be insured with the RWC Insurance Advantage, we are able to use the collective experience of a similar group of home builders to establish the best insurance rates to fit your needs.  Everyone is held to the same high standards of membership.  You aren’t lumped together with builders with no real track record, or poor loss histories.
  • Because warranty claims are generally handled early, they are less likely to lead to further damage to other property or injury to the public, thus reducing your exposure to third party construction defect claims.
  • Our liability and warranty business is insured by Western Pacific Mutual Insurance Company, a Risk Retention Group able to do business anywhere in the United States.  It’s rated A-, VII by A. M. Best, the foremost insurance rating organization in the world for more than a century.
  • Got a formal safety / loss control program?  Members can earn up to 25% off their general liability premium.*  Click here for more information: .

So, sometimes a bromide is really a true statement.  But don’t take our word for it.  Let us prove it.  Give us a call at 1-866-454-2155, or visit us on the web at: .

(*Does not apply to minimum premium policies)

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