Preventing accidents is a whole lot better than paying claims that could have been avoided.  Of course, a fair question is; “what can the RWC Insurance Advantage offer to help me eliminate or reduce risk?”  We got specific in February with our blog LOSS CONTROL – THE 7 BASICS.  In a our March post, MOST RISK FOR ACCIDENTS – 5 AREAS, we talked about where accidents are most likely to happen.  Now we are happy to introduce our CONSTRUCTION SAFETY CHECKLIST!  Click here to download the fillable pdf. 

As the note on the first page says, “This checklist describes basic, fundamental requirements for a safe jobsite and is not intended to be all inclusive of all safety and health requirements that impact the construction industry.  You are responsible for determining the specific requirements in your state/county/city.”  It also says, “This checklist may be used as part of your written loss control/safety program.”  That’s good news.  If you don’t have a formal safety program the CONSTRUCTION SAFETY CHECKLIST can help you get started.   Even if you already have an established safety program, using our new CONSTRUCTION SAFETY CHECKLIST can qualify you for discounts of up to 25%* off your general liability premium.  (*Available at binding if you are new to the RWC Insurance Advantage, or at your next renewal if you are already insured with us.)

The CHECKLIST is arranged alphabetically and covers a wide range of categories from asbestos to trenches/excavations.  Each category has at least three questions.  Each question has just three possible answers:  yes, no or NA for not applicable.  Simple.  Remember this is a checklist.  It’s designed to help you determine where you are doing well with respect to safety and where you might need to make improvements.  It can help you identify where your concentrations of risk are.  There’s even a place for notes followed by the “7 BASICS” and the “5 AREAS” mentioned earlier. 

The CONSTRUCTION SAFETY CHECKLIST, in combination with the 7 BASICS and the 5 AREAS, are intended as a rough guideline to help you in establishing a loss control program, or in helping you review your existing procedures and make any improvements necessary.  If you can reduce the chance of having preventable losses, why shouldn’t you have the chance to pay up to 25% less for your general liability insurance? 

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