To say that being a builder in recent times has been a challenge is bit like saying there’s sand at the beach. You’ve survived the tough times and things are getting better. In fact, you might be looking forward to retirement. Imagine that day arrives and you are at last able to enjoy the fruits of long years of hard work and dedication. Then, one day you’re named in a lawsuit involving your old company only to find you are not covered even though the claim happened on your watch. Your retirement and all you’ve worked for is suddenly and unexpectedly at risk. How did this happen? What do you do?

The RWC Insurance Advantage* has already thought of this nightmare scenario and has you covered. Our ADDITIONAL INSURED – FORMER OFFICERS, MEMBERS OR OWNERS endorsement protects you in the event some past act or omission, that happened while you were still active in your business, comes back to haunt you later. Even if someone acting on your behalf was the cause of the loss, you’re still covered. We think this coverage is so important to you that we make it standard on every claims-made General Liability policy we issue.

So, whether you’re ready to retire, turn the business over to your kids or find a buyer, your RWC Insurance Advantage claims-made general liability policy will continue to protect you for many years to come.

*The RWC Insurance Advantage is insured by Western Pacific Mutual Ins. Co., a Risk Retention Group and administered by Integrity Underwriters.

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